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She Said We Shed

Mar 24, 2020

Replay from Aja's first public discussion on Black Mama Trauma.

When Aja and her son moved back to the U.S. after their natural learning travels took them to Mexico, they ended up staying with her mother longer than anticipated. Aja has been realizing how much her mother’s baggage affected her own sense of worth and value. Who am I? What do I like? What am I healing from? How is my relationship with my parent playing out in my relationship with my child? Those are the questions that have been on the rise for Aja, and she is not willing to leave them unanswered. Listen and connect as Aja talks about what she’s feeling, observing, and moving toward as she deschools herself and makes room for her son and her to continue cultivating a holistic, authentic, trust and respect-based relationship.