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She Said We Shed

Mar 24, 2020

Aja will speak on learning how, what and why we need to begin shifting our awareness in order to heal ourselves and treat our selves and children with respect and love. She has been focused on this work and we believe it would be useful for us to hear about the direction–the pivot. Also In this episode, we share a clip of She Said We Shed’s unfiltered recordings. In this clip, Aja takes us into her personal story and the impact her mother has had on her life. She shares where she is today in regards to her relationship with her mother and highlight’s steps she’s taken throughout the years to heal and improve their relationship. This shedding helps us to understand why she feels she needs to begin this podcast. Aja shares her previous struggle with yelling on her son years ago and how she brought him into the process of shifting in order to reduce and eventually stop yelling and screaming on him, despite being raised by a yeller herself. She shares how she became aware, checked-in and listened to herself in order to stop inflicting trauma on her son.